Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Weight Loss on the Run Weightloss Tip of the Day 11/19/2014

One of the things I remember most that had helped me lose more than 50 pounds before is that every single thing we do each day can burn calories. We even burn calories when we sleep. So take every opportunity to burn a few more calories when you can. These are things that have worked for me before, I just became to lazy to continue doing it.
  • While brushing your teeth do squats, small stretches, or any extra movement
  • While sitting move your legs or work your abs
  • While driving, hold your abs tight and then release
  • Take a minute after each bathroom break to do stretches, or even 5 jump n jacks
  • While you are cleaning turn up the music and dance
  • While watching your kids bathe, do a few stretches
My simple point is, do not take any moment for granted. Each extra movement you do during the day will help you burn more calories. I am not saying to forget your workouts, but when you are trying to lose weight on the run you have to take every moment you can to burn extra calories.

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