Sunday, November 23, 2014

Burn More Calories Every Day Without Changing Everything

This goes with a post I made a couple of days ago about burning calories.

Tips and ideas to making small steps towards losing weight

These are steps that I have used in the past. I wrote an article using these things back in 2010 when I successfully lost more than 50 pounds. I gained it all back gradually after I had my son, but finding this on my computer reminded me of how hard I worked to lose that weight and how good I felt after losing it. Anything that will help with the motivation is worth trying.

  -When you get up to brush your teeth do a few squats, or pull up your knees to your chest. Two minutes of brushing your teeth turn into two minutes of calorie burning.

  -While you are cooking, move around more. Don't go sit down and wait for something to cook, unless it takes hours, use that time as a calorie burning experience. When you are standing you burn more calories, if you move around while you are standing it is even more.

  -Every time you go to the rest room do 5 or 10 jump n jacks. If you do this every time you go you could burn a couple hundred calories in a day.

  -While watching TV do leg raises, or during your commercials get up and do jump n jacks or run in place.
  -Park further away from your destination. I know we all want to fight for the close spot, but just a few more steps make so much of a difference.

  -While you are at the computer move around. I love my swivel chair I can move side to side, which can work on those love handles, or do little crunches.

  -While driving your vehicle, or riding the bus, tighten and retract your abs.

  Remember, every movement burns calories and they do add up throughout the day. A lot of us struggle with our weight, and do not want to change our entire life while trying to lose weight. These small steps have helped me in the past when I lost more than 50 pounds in six months.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weight Loss on the Run tip of the Day 11/22/2014

Do Not Let the Slip Ups Set You Back

We all have set backs when trying to lose weight. Especially those of us that are trying to lose weight on the run. Our busy lives make it easier to just pick up something at the burger place rather than cooking at home. There are days that we are so busy that we will do that. If you must pick up something make the better choices. Cut out the sauces or get chicken instead of burgers. There are choices that we can make that are healthier. 

To help you make better choices at fast food places take the time to look at the nutrition value of the food at the places that you frequent. Each site has a detailed list of the nutrition value of their food. This will give you an idea of what choices you should make that will help you, and an idea of how many calories you will need to burn.

We all have day where we cheat on our new lifestyle changes. Do not allow yourself to stop with your weight loss journey. Too many of us look at those set backs as an opportunity to quit. If you are really wanting to lose the weight and want to make these changes, then you have to keep going forward. You can do it. Set your mind to the positive points that will change when you lose the weight; smaller clothes, less pain in your joints, healthier lifestyle, etc....

Friday, November 21, 2014

Calories in Sauces are More then you Could Imagine

When I am looking at ways to lose weight on the run I think of easy ways to cut calories and continue to burn calories. Most people do not think about the sauces, especially salad dressings. Even though you are eating a salad, the dressing can add hundreds of calories. Here are some examples from a webpage I found. Avocados are great but not the point of this post.:

Take a minute to really look at this chart. Be sure to get a tablespoon so that you can get a vision of how many calories these condiments may be.

When you are trying to lose weight, remember that all of it counts. Every movement burns calories and every food, drink or condiment will add up to a few pounds before you know it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Weight Loss on the Run Weightloss Tip of the Day 11/19/2014

One of the things I remember most that had helped me lose more than 50 pounds before is that every single thing we do each day can burn calories. We even burn calories when we sleep. So take every opportunity to burn a few more calories when you can. These are things that have worked for me before, I just became to lazy to continue doing it.
  • While brushing your teeth do squats, small stretches, or any extra movement
  • While sitting move your legs or work your abs
  • While driving, hold your abs tight and then release
  • Take a minute after each bathroom break to do stretches, or even 5 jump n jacks
  • While you are cleaning turn up the music and dance
  • While watching your kids bathe, do a few stretches
My simple point is, do not take any moment for granted. Each extra movement you do during the day will help you burn more calories. I am not saying to forget your workouts, but when you are trying to lose weight on the run you have to take every moment you can to burn extra calories.

Is Dietbet Right For You?

Dietbet is a sight that puts you against the scale. The bets are from $10 up to around $150 for the games. You can do a 4 week 4% challenge, or a 6 month 10% challenge, or even both. If you lose your goal weight you win your money back plus a portion of any amount of money that was put in but those did not lose the weight.

I used to do this occasionally but ended up quitting because i had lost some weight and it had gotten harder to lose more, probably because I did not want to find the time. Since I have gotten my motivation back i decided to join a few games. I joined one Transformer (6 month) and 3 Kickstarter (4 week). The bet for the Transformer was $25 a month, but you get a month free if you pay it all up front. It took me a little while to decide on the Kickstart bets, but beings I just started trying to lose weight again I knew I could lose 4% just with small changes. I decided on one high stakes game of $100 and 2 $35 games. I had to look at my budget closely, but I knew I would get at least my bets back and that will be in 4 weeks.

I am not using the site to make a lot of money, but I am using it for motivation. I know I will not quit if I have money on the line. I will push harder then ever because I cannot lose that money or it will affect the kids. Now when I am faced with a choice to eat something bad I think about losing the money. It is helping me make better choice, and by the time I play a couple of rounds my habits will have changed and the choices will be easier even without the games.


The transformer-
  •  Bet $25 a month
  • Start weight 198.2
  • 1st goal weight 192.3 (3%)
  • 6 month goal weight (10%) 178.4
Bet Big to Win Big-
  • Bet $100
  • Start weight 198.2
  •  Goal weight 190.3 by Dec. 12th
Danis Dietbet-
  • Bet $25
  • Start weight 198.2
  • Goal weight 190.3 by Dec. 16th
Kenna Shell Fitness Dietbet -
  • Bet $30
  • Start weight 198.2
  • Goal weight 190.3 by Dec. 15th
In addition to the bets and motivation, there is a great support system on the site. Take the time to get to know people and join groups. You can learn a lot and everyone on the site understands what you are going through.

The Beginning of A Huge Change

In the last few months I have seriously had a lot of stress. Well that stress turned into stressful eating. I have gained more than 30 pounds since April and did not even realize it until I went to the doctor and the scale said 200 pounds. I cried when I saw that weight. I have not been that big in a long time, and I have vowed to lose the weight again. To keep myself motivated and to hold myself accountable I wanted to share it with everyone.

This blog is to show how you can lose weight on the run. I work full time, go to school full time, and raise 4 kids with my moms help (my son, 2 nieces, and nephew). Also do some work online to earn a little money to help raise those 4 kids since I make the only income due to my mom being disabled. My life is stressful, busy, and absolutely nuts, but I am determined to lose weight.

During my weight loss journey I will be posing tips and ideas for those on the run, and I will be posting my own personal experiences. This will be a blog only about losing weight. It will be very personal for me and I am hoping it will help others see that losing weight on the run is possible.

 Me Today 11/19/2014 
Pic for a Dietbet weigh in

Me in 2010 after losing 50 pound, this is where I want to be again.