Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weight Loss on the Run tip of the Day 11/22/2014

Do Not Let the Slip Ups Set You Back

We all have set backs when trying to lose weight. Especially those of us that are trying to lose weight on the run. Our busy lives make it easier to just pick up something at the burger place rather than cooking at home. There are days that we are so busy that we will do that. If you must pick up something make the better choices. Cut out the sauces or get chicken instead of burgers. There are choices that we can make that are healthier. 

To help you make better choices at fast food places take the time to look at the nutrition value of the food at the places that you frequent. Each site has a detailed list of the nutrition value of their food. This will give you an idea of what choices you should make that will help you, and an idea of how many calories you will need to burn.

We all have day where we cheat on our new lifestyle changes. Do not allow yourself to stop with your weight loss journey. Too many of us look at those set backs as an opportunity to quit. If you are really wanting to lose the weight and want to make these changes, then you have to keep going forward. You can do it. Set your mind to the positive points that will change when you lose the weight; smaller clothes, less pain in your joints, healthier lifestyle, etc....

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