Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Is Dietbet Right For You?

Dietbet is a sight that puts you against the scale. The bets are from $10 up to around $150 for the games. You can do a 4 week 4% challenge, or a 6 month 10% challenge, or even both. If you lose your goal weight you win your money back plus a portion of any amount of money that was put in but those did not lose the weight.

I used to do this occasionally but ended up quitting because i had lost some weight and it had gotten harder to lose more, probably because I did not want to find the time. Since I have gotten my motivation back i decided to join a few games. I joined one Transformer (6 month) and 3 Kickstarter (4 week). The bet for the Transformer was $25 a month, but you get a month free if you pay it all up front. It took me a little while to decide on the Kickstart bets, but beings I just started trying to lose weight again I knew I could lose 4% just with small changes. I decided on one high stakes game of $100 and 2 $35 games. I had to look at my budget closely, but I knew I would get at least my bets back and that will be in 4 weeks.

I am not using the site to make a lot of money, but I am using it for motivation. I know I will not quit if I have money on the line. I will push harder then ever because I cannot lose that money or it will affect the kids. Now when I am faced with a choice to eat something bad I think about losing the money. It is helping me make better choice, and by the time I play a couple of rounds my habits will have changed and the choices will be easier even without the games.


The transformer-
  •  Bet $25 a month
  • Start weight 198.2
  • 1st goal weight 192.3 (3%)
  • 6 month goal weight (10%) 178.4
Bet Big to Win Big-
  • Bet $100
  • Start weight 198.2
  •  Goal weight 190.3 by Dec. 12th
Danis Dietbet-
  • Bet $25
  • Start weight 198.2
  • Goal weight 190.3 by Dec. 16th
Kenna Shell Fitness Dietbet -
  • Bet $30
  • Start weight 198.2
  • Goal weight 190.3 by Dec. 15th
In addition to the bets and motivation, there is a great support system on the site. Take the time to get to know people and join groups. You can learn a lot and everyone on the site understands what you are going through.

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