Sunday, November 23, 2014

Burn More Calories Every Day Without Changing Everything

This goes with a post I made a couple of days ago about burning calories.

Tips and ideas to making small steps towards losing weight

These are steps that I have used in the past. I wrote an article using these things back in 2010 when I successfully lost more than 50 pounds. I gained it all back gradually after I had my son, but finding this on my computer reminded me of how hard I worked to lose that weight and how good I felt after losing it. Anything that will help with the motivation is worth trying.

  -When you get up to brush your teeth do a few squats, or pull up your knees to your chest. Two minutes of brushing your teeth turn into two minutes of calorie burning.

  -While you are cooking, move around more. Don't go sit down and wait for something to cook, unless it takes hours, use that time as a calorie burning experience. When you are standing you burn more calories, if you move around while you are standing it is even more.

  -Every time you go to the rest room do 5 or 10 jump n jacks. If you do this every time you go you could burn a couple hundred calories in a day.

  -While watching TV do leg raises, or during your commercials get up and do jump n jacks or run in place.
  -Park further away from your destination. I know we all want to fight for the close spot, but just a few more steps make so much of a difference.

  -While you are at the computer move around. I love my swivel chair I can move side to side, which can work on those love handles, or do little crunches.

  -While driving your vehicle, or riding the bus, tighten and retract your abs.

  Remember, every movement burns calories and they do add up throughout the day. A lot of us struggle with our weight, and do not want to change our entire life while trying to lose weight. These small steps have helped me in the past when I lost more than 50 pounds in six months.

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